Fact check: top 10 success stories

How successful are Geshe Michael Roach’s top students? What is the #1 lesson to learn from his new Sedona College of International Management?

Since 2009 when he founded the Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI), Geshe Michael Roach and DCI teachers have traveled the world to teach “the ancient secrets for having everything in business and life” but with a focus on wealth, health, and relationships. Starting in Singapore where he held the first workshop on how to use “seed principles” to plant “oxygen money,” Geshe Michael has introduced more people every year to the dream of having money in abundance, readily available like the air we breathe:

This system really works. For us money can become like oxygen… I don’t have to worry about the air, there’s enough air… If I want to breathe, I just {inhale} and the air will come in… When I want money, I just use the Diamond Cutter seed system, and then money comes to me.” 6/2015

Last year in Vietnam, he told 1000 people in the audience:

Tonight we’re going to talk about oxygen money… In 15 minutes I will teach you how you can make $250 million business, have a beautiful partner, have energy and save the world…just listen! …Oxygen money, beautiful partner, youth, and inner peace — you don’t need to choose, you can have them all.” 7/2015

Geshe Michael frequently talks about the ease of using his four-step method to succeed in life:

We will teach you four steps for creating any result you would like in your life. You can achieve great corporate success and personal success… It is the technique I used to help build a $250 million company, and you can use it, easily.” 10/2015

Did his four steps actually “help build a $250 million company” and will his audiences find success easily? In 10 cases, we examine how well the method has worked for him and his top students.

Case 1: Could Geshe Michael use the method to solve his own marital and financial problems? When his secret marriage to Christie McNally broke down in 2009 and they had “$30,000 in credit card debt and little else,” he wrote a letter to students and supporters asking for donations to buy a new home: “… I would like to unashamedly ask if any of you would consider helping me to purchase the Rainbow House, with either a gift or a loan.” Having failed to make oxygen money to pay for his own house, he now owes people a debt of gratitude:

‘Home’ for me means Rainbow House… This place was bought and paid for by a huge group of my friends and students about 5 years ago, and I would like once more to express my grateful thanks to each of you who contributed. This is the first time in my life that I have had my own home, and it means a lot to me.” 12/2014

Since Geshe Michael could not even improve his personal finance on his own, did his method really help his Jewish bosses build a multi-million dollar company?

With his secret marriage ending in divorce and the ex-wife calling him a bitter and “formidable enemy,” Geshe Michael had the chutzpah to write The Karma of Love and give talks titled “Perfect Relationships” and “Relationships Never End.” If his method really works, why did it not save his marriage or prevent “a huge number of break ups” among his most advanced students?

Just like in other countries, Geshe Michael told the audience in Vietnam:

People ask me: “Can I use this system in my relationships, in my family or can I use it in my business relationships?” Yeah, you can use the same seeds, same principles. Some people ask me: “I have a bad back or I have some stomach problem. Can I use these seeds to solve my health problems?” Yeah, you can use these seeds for everything.” 6/2015

Besides his failed marriage, it’s obvious that his “seed system” does not work as advertised: 1) On their 2006 trip to India, despite having tried his method and everything that they could think of, Geshe Michael and McNally once again suffered from “Delhi belly,” the same gastrointestinal problem that had plagued them in all previous trips: “we were very sick there, and there is nothing you can do.” 2) During their marriage, he tried using his method to get the breakfast that he wanted, but failed and gave up after years of working on that simple goal. 3) In 2010, Geshe Michael entered a competition to be a talk show host but failed the preliminary round. 4) He next auditioned to give a TED talk (not TEDx) but again failed to get selected. Despite these undeniable failures and those of his best students, Geshe Michael told Chinese audiences last year:

Let’s stop doing things that don’t work. Let’s focus our time and energy on the one thing that works 100% of the time. In this system, our chance of success is: 100%.5/2015

We are recommending that you use the only approach that offers 100% guarantee of working to solve problems and achieve goals — to understand the seeds that will bring the result, and then systematically plant them.” 4/2015

In addition to such misleading claims, since at least 2011 Geshe Michael has regularly given a dishonest self-introduction to his audiences. Ignoring facts and reality, the Diamond Cutter Institute, headed by his long time students Orit and Scott Vacek, even posted his false narrative to its Facebook page: Continue reading

Mission Implausible: “Coffee Meditation” and the Four-Step Method

Can Geshe Michael’s four steps possibly work?

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Self-delusion: a proof of concept

Why did Geshe Michael Roach abandon his method?

In 2005, when Geshe Michael Roach and Christie McNally were still married and eating off the same plate, he presented a proof of concept of how his “karmic management” method could be applied to solve everyday relationship issues. In a talk titled “Spiritual Partners: the Goddess Code,” Geshe Michael spoke of his daily predicament at breakfast time: he wanted plain Cheerios but she loved adding strawberries to the cereal and because they ate from the same bowl, he had quite a first-world problem. How did he plant karmic seeds so that “the net result is that everyone is happy”? The talk’s transcript reveals that his method didn’t end with a win-win situation. A careful reading instead shows that his method hadn’t worked and he abandoned it for a new approach: Continue reading