Geshe Michael Roach and Yoga

Yoga is a valid and very powerful technique to work on the energy channels within the body. Yoga is mostly found in Indian Hindu tradition, however there is a small amount of yoga also found in some Buddhist texts. The Buddhist yogas are generally secret, unless one has taken specific initiation ceremonies. It is not common, however, for Buddhist teachers to teach yoga to public audiences.

With the proliferation of excellent yoga teachers around today, why would a highly trained Buddhist Geshe concentrate on teaching Yoga?

Due to the huge interest in yoga in the west, it is a perfect vehicle to introduce those already interested in spiritual practice to the Buddhist teachings. Geshe Michael Roach has also burned many bridges in the Buddhist world and has been barred from teaching in the 140 centers belonging to the FPMT, one of the larger and more credible Tibetan Buddhist organizations. The Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has also informed Geshe Michael Roach in writing that he is no longer welcome to visit Dharamsala (the home of the Dalai Lama). With the huge interest in Yoga in the west, teaching this discipline will ensure Geshe Michael Roach of a growing student base.


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