Geshe Michael Roach’s Claims of Realization

Geshe Michael Roach claims that around his 22nd year, he realised emptiness and bodhicitta directly. These are two of the highest spiritual attainments on the path to Buddhahood. These claims are almost never made in public by the great Masters of any Buddhist lineage for very good reasons.

I was born in America,
And from the age of sixteen
Up to the present day
Have always been under the care
Of the Diamond Angel, Vajra Yogini.

At the age of twenty,
I travelled to India,
Land of the Aryas, realized beings,
And first met the sages of Tibet.

And then at the age of 22,
Despite the fact that I myself
Had no good qualities at all,
A seed inside of me
Suddenly awakened, a seed
Which was planted by the many efforts
Of the me of my past lives,
And by the infinite blessings
Of my Lama.

And so I saw ultimate reality directly,
And I achieved bodhichitta,
The Wish for Enlightenment:
I entered the gate
To the first level
Of the bodhisattvas.

In the hours after this experience,
I saw that the Four Arya Truths
Were surely true themselves,
And I perceived that the teachings of Lord Buddha
In general, and in particular
Those of Je Tsongkapa,
Were perfectly, absolutely correct.
And so then I became ordained,
And as a means to keep
These teachings from ever

— Geshe Michael Roach, Letter to Lamas, 16 January, 2003

Another indirect claim at very high spiritual attainments comes directly from his outward behavior. Geshe Michael Roach claims to be engaging in actual consort practice without breaking his monks vows. This, by default, would necessitate that Geshe Michael Roach had at very least attained the 8th Bodhisattva Bhumi. a level very close to Buddhahood itself.

There are at least 3 possible explanations for these claims.

  1. They may be true, and Geshe Michael Roach may be an 8th level Bodhisattva.
  2. Geshe Michael Roach may be suffering from harm by spirits. It is taught in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and many other religions that spirits can appear  to human beings in different forms and mislead them.
  3. Geshe Michael Roach is simply suffering from delusion.

It is up to the individual to decide which of the above, if any, is correct.


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