Karmic Management fail: Princeton-educated manservant

Although Geshe Michael Roach wrote a book on karmic management, it appears that Geshe Michael Roach could not manage to gain the respect of Aya Azrielant, the creative mind and co-founder of Andin:

She used to take me on her trips to Tokyo. Why? So I can carry her luggage. I’m the vice president of the company, I’m making six figures, and she uses me as her luggage carrier, right? And I have to stand outside the Japanese cosmetic store with her bags while she spends three hours inside to get the most expensive cosmetics in the world. And she comes out and says, “How do I look?” And in my mind I’m saying, “You’re three god-damned hours older than you were when you walked in.”

Emptiness: A Deep Dive, 2010

Given such lack of respect from the co-owner of Andin, it is questionable how important Geshe Michael was to Andin’s success.

When I travel around as a big lama, no one criticizes me to my face. Everyone’s always telling me what a wonderful person I am, and congratulating me on the things I do. But when I’m at work the boss screams at me.” –Geshe Michael Roach

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