Andin tale: the errand boy who could start a diamond business

It is not known what wisdom and truths were realized in the first 3-year retreat, but one year out, Geshe Michael Roach showed no regard for the toils and brilliance of Ofer and Aya Azrielant, the two Jewish immigrants who founded Andin and gave him his “start as an errand boy” in their company:

I wanted to raise money for the Tibetan refugees. I started this diamond company in New York. It was the fastest growing company in New York, and I based it only on spiritual principles.

Yoga Chicago, 2004

Like let’s say I want a candy bar, okay, so I am a Buddhist monk, I’ve studied for many years, I know how to get a candy bar. How? I have to give one away. I have to, you see, and not just one. If you give away one, you get like seven back. I know the odds, I know how it works. [laughter] No, I built a two hundred and fifty million company, I know how it goes.

Spiritual Partners Course 2, 2005

Geshe Michael again claimed credit in a 5/2012 video:

… after that I went to New York city and started a diamond business called Andin International Diamond

In a 3/2013 video, Andin’s actual founders were again left out of Geshe Michael’s narrative:

I went to New York City and I used what I learned to start a diamond business. That diamond business has reached $250 million dollars in sales per year…

This is in contrast with how Geshe Michael described his employment at Andin in ACI Course 8 in 1996:

… I remember I couldn’t get a job and I, I wanted to work in the diamond business, I had to work in the diamond business. I went to thirty different companies, they all threw me out. And then finally I met this guy [Ofer Azrielant] and I begged him, “I’ll do anything, I’ll wash the windows, I’ll, I’ll clean the floor, I’ll do anything, just teach me the diamonds.” And so he said okay and he gave me like seven dollars an hour. I remember. And I had to carry things from 33rd street to 47th street and that was my job. And then one day he gave me eight dollars, and then later on he gave me nine dollars, and then he gave me ten dollars, and then he gave me a salary and then I got a position and then it was fifty thousand, and sixty thousand and it kept going, escalating, you know and then finally it reached this point where I’m the vice president and I have to have all these things.

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