Karma of Love and Breakups (draft)

Update: 4/2016

Geshe Michael Roach’s method didn’t work well for his secret marriage to Christie McNally, nor for the relationships of his advanced students — those who spent years studying Tantra at Diamond Mountain University in Arizona. As McNally wrote: “… I reflected back on the seven years of the Tantric course, and thought about the huge number of break-ups that happened constantly in that community. And then I thought of Khen Rinpoche’s community in Howell, New Jersey, how they were all these happily married couples that have stayed together for as long as I’ve known them.”

Four years before his divorce in 2010, Geshe Michael taught a “Spiritual Partners” class:

So you want a perfect partner, you don’t have a perfect partner or you have a partner who is not perfect, right, you don’t have to switch, you don’t have to switch. Forget the divorce, you don’t need, it doesn’t work. The karma follows you, no, it does, it always does. Doesn’t matter, you can … it doesn’t help to try to remove this person from your life or I am going to find a better one, it doesn’t work that way. They are being created, everything about them that, that you don’t love, everything about them that is changing, everything about them that is not is not irritating, it’s all coming from you. It’s not coming from them. It doesn’t help to get rid of them. The karma will follow you, you know, the seed is in your mind, you see. The reality is coming from your mind.”

With his secret marriage ending in divorce and the ex-wife calling him a bitter and “formidable enemy,” Geshe Michael had the chutzpah to write The Karma of Love and give talks titled “Perfect Relationships” and “Relationships Never End.”

It is regrettable that Geshe Michael Roach is now unsupportive of his ex-wife who previously taught by his side and whom he had viewed as the Tantric Buddha “Vajrayogini in the flesh.”

August 27, 2012

Dear Friends:

I have been contacted recently by a number of individuals and organizations who say that they have been approached by Lama Christie McNally with offers of special teachings and practices, and requests for funding these activities. I have been asked whether I endorse these, and whether they are connected with any of the organizations or projects with which I am involved.

As many of you are aware, Christie’s and my viewpoints and goals have developed in different directions over the past four or five years. I have not been asked to endorse any of her current activities, and I don’t feel that I can do so at this time.

At the same time, I do believe that each individual and group has complete freedom to pursue and support any spiritual path that they wish; in our tradition, this should be done after carefully examining whether it is beneficial to people and brings them happiness. And of course we all continue to pray for Lama Christie’s own success, healing, and peace of mind.

Please feel free to share this communication with anyone else whom you think may be concerned about this issue.

I would also like to take this chance to thank you all for your tireless and devoted work to share the wisdom of the Diamond Cutter, in programs attended by many thousands of people around the world in recent years. I hope that you will all set your minds to finding new ways of satisfying the demand for these programs, which continues to grow greater every week, and which I believe will take the good effort of all of our lives to fill.

With kind regards,

Geshe Michael Roach

To be continued…

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Abro, cierro / I open, I close
’toy [Estoy] cercana, ’toy muy lejos / I’m nearby, I’m very far
Abro y cierro, es un misterio. / I open and close, it’s a mystery.
Es un pájaro que vuela muy alto / It’s a bird that flies very high
Y se deja perder en mi cielo / And it lets itself get lost in my sky

Abro, cierro
Estoy cercana estoy muy lejos
Abro y cierro, es un misterio
Al volar tan alto se perdió en mi silencio / While flying so high it got lost in my silence
Y con tristeza no volvió / And sadly it didn’t return

Don’t you think he’s gonna try
Don’t you think he’s gonna cry
Don’t you want him by your side?

Un mar adentro me enseño a querer / A sea inside taught me how to love
Y fui sola / And I went alone
A(l) contemplarlo desde tan cerca me quedé muda / When contemplating it so close I became speechless
El precio es caro, el precio es caro / The price is expensive, the price is expensive


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