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A note from the new editor

A fair and accurate portrayal of Geshe Michael Roach is aimed for, so criticisms and corrections from readers, especially students and supporters of Geshe Michael are most welcome.

All articles before 2012 were written by Tony Simmons, the former director of the Root Institute, an FPMT center in Bodhgaya, India.

Documents of Interest Relating to Geshe Michael Roach

  • Letters from the Office of the Dalai Lama 2006
    Letters to Geshe Michael Roach from the Office of the Dalai Lama requesting him not to visit Dharamsala due to his errant behavior. Published with permission of the author.
  • Letter to Geshe Michael 7/2003
    An open letter to Geshe Michael Roach explaining the decision to remove Geshe Michael’s teachings from Lam Rim Radio ( Published with permission of the author.
  • Letter to Lamas and Lamas’ replies to the Letter (PDF) 2003
    Geshe Michael Roach write to his Lamas during the last months of his retreat, on his 50th birthday. with very controversial claims.
  • Interview with a Geshe 2003
    An interview with Geshe Michael Roach, conducted by T. Monkyi a few days after Geshe Michael’s Easter 2003 three year retreat teachings. Published with permission of the author.
  • Tantra in America (PDF) 7/2003
    A talk by Geshe Michael Roach prior to his 3 year retreat. This talk is most ironic considering his current behavior.
  • Magic of Empty Teachers (PDF) 3/2001
    A 2001 talk by Geshe Michael Roach during the Quiet Retreat Teachings reveals some points of interest.

Alternatives to the Asian Classics Institute

Update: We call on knowledgeable members of the sangha to help Geshe Michael Roach and the teachers at his Diamond Cutter Institute abandon their mistaken views which they are spreading around the world to 20000 people a year.

Our Resources page has links to authentic teachings.

The Asian Classics Institute (ACI) is the education arm of the Geshe Michael Roach organization. ACI offers a series of courses taught by Geshe Michael Roach in New York several years ago. The courses themselves are quite comprehensive, and many have found them valuable.

It is well known that much of the material offered by ACI contains mistakes and inconsistencies, and in the important areas of emptiness and valid perception, can be incorrect and misleading. More importantly, studying the ACI courses creates a connection with Geshe Michael Roach, which, if he is on a wrong path, has the potential to cause harm to students in this and future lives.

There are many alternatives to ACI courses, and we list some below. Please consider these as an alternative if you are considering studying Buddhism on any level. If you have suggestions for other resources that you feel may be appropriate, please let us know. We welcome your suggestions. Continue reading