Key Questions

Fact check How did Geshe Michael Roach’s method work out for him and his top students?
Mission Implausible: “Coffee Meditation” and the Four-Step Method What did he get wrong about karmic principles?
Self-delusion: the proof is in the strawberries Why did he try for many years but fail to get his breakfast of choice?
“See the Future” Can he see into the future?
California Dreaming: “The Karma Show” Why did he fail to get a TV show?
Ideas and Invention: Failed Pitch 2.0 Why did he fail to get a TED talk?
Time after time Why does he teach the method that failed him time and again?
State of Mind: the Art of Giving What did he get wrong about the Buddhist way of giving?
An Eye for the Divine Did he receive blessings from the “angels” in his life?
Come Together: The Naked Truth When is it permissible for a monk in the Dalai Lama’s tradition to have a female partner?
Awaiting a miracle Did he and his then-wife Christie McNally actually walk through walls?
The Oracle of Phoenix Why did he ask students for money to buy his house?
The Cross in the Lotus? Did Buddhism almost die out? Does having faith in your lama wipe out bad karma?
Karmic management at work: Epic Fail How did $45 millions of crippling debt happen?
Karma of Love and Breakups (draft) How did a huge number of breakups happen?
Cancer cure? Do Diamond Cutter principles cure gout and cancer, but not diarrhea?
Success stories: Buddhist principles or Jewish smarts?
Man in the mirror
All too human
Super Jesus
Andin tale: the reluctant businessman
Andin tale: the Time Traveler
Andin tale: the errand boy who could start a diamond business
Founder or errand boy?
Andin: two Jewish immigrants’ entrepreneurial triumph
A three-year retreat tale Was there no real result to speak of?
Karmic Management fail: the Princeton-educated manservant
Karmic Management Fail: Negative Press Keeps Coming
Geshe Michael Roach’s secret marriage to Christie McNally ended in divorce


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