Diamond Cutter

… I remember I couldn’t get a job and I, I wanted to work in the diamond business, I had to work in the diamond business. I went to thirty different companies, they all threw me out. And then finally I met this guy [Ofer Azrielant, the founder of Andin] and I begged him, “I’ll do anything, I’ll wash the windows, I’ll, I’ll clean the floor, I’ll do anything, just teach me the diamonds.” And so he said okay and he gave me like seven dollars an hour. I remember. And I had to carry things from 33rd street to 47th street and that was my job. And then one day he gave me eight dollars, and then later on he gave me nine dollars, and then he gave me ten dollars, and then he gave me a salary and then I got a position and then it was fifty thousand, and sixty thousand and it kept going, escalating, you know and then finally it reached this point where I’m the vice president and I have to have all these things. You know, at the beginning I didn’t know what to do with the money. I, I just put it in the bank account and I didn’t know what to do with it, you know, I just collected it. And now it seems like I can’t bear, I’m, I’m overspent usually [laughter] and I can’t bear to live without it, you know, and… And, and my mind still wants more, you know your mind wants more.” — Geshe Michael Roach, 1996


  1. seeker


    I read Diamond Cutter already before I found this blog. From the website I can see that many things, facts and events from Geshe Michael Roach’s life are questioned as well as his lifestyle. I read several posts from the website but will read more to have a wider spectrum.

    Even if we assume that most of his ‘life-story’ is a fairy tale my questions is this: what about teachings that are in the book? seeds, our surroundings being the expression or mirroring our thoughts etc? Is that something to be avoided as well?

    I must say that I do not seek a teacher to follow. Merely discovering widely understood Buddhism.

  2. Barbara Jascht

    I personally think it´s very very difficult to judge a person like Geshe Michael Roach in the way this blog seems to do. But you´ll seem to have a very good reason to write a blog like this.


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